Mission Statements

Exist Well Blog

The purpose of this blog is simply to pass on helpful knowledge about how to handle your body, to give you different points of view and perhaps reorient your approach to handling your body and thus being healthier and happier. The intention is to make a better you.  Simply put, a healthier and happier you means you have a better chance at a good life, and good times. If you turn around and help others, we can start a revolution toward a better world.

Throughout this blog I will suggest supplements or products, some made by Synergy Gold, and others made by other companies. I typically will not recommend something that I (or Dr. Mikel) have no experience with.

Lastly, our goal is to provide information with specifics. Actionable things you can do to help yourself and others.


Synergy Gold Supplements

The purpose of Synergy Gold, and why I founded it, was to provide access to high quality supplements that are proven and used in clinical settings by real doctors. Bodies sometimes need supplements in order to repair, maintain, grow and survive. While food and clean water plays the most important role, a supplement is, as the name implies, something that is added because you aren’t getting it from your diet in sufficient quantity.

My goal is not to sell you supplements if you don’t need them. It’s to provide these tools to you along with adequate support on their proper usage, so that you get the most out of them.

Synergy Gold’s product line is dual-philosophy in it’s approach to supplements ie a mixture of both western science backed “nutritionals” along with Asian-eastern century old healing herbs from China, Japan and India.


About Me


I formed Synergy Gold (Nutritionals, company) in 2016 after approaching my friend, and colleague Dr. Lynn Mikel and interesting her in being able to have a product line that consists essentially of many of the same products that she uses and sees great results with on a daily basis. But first, let me back up.

I became interested in health when I was about 14, after watching my mother waste away from cancer, the repercussions of that incident on my life were profound and devastating over the years. And so I studied and studied and researched, and tried many supplements, many alternative therapies, eastern, western, have met and become good friends with western doctors, eastern doctors and other healers. My goal, as lofty as it was during the next 10 years after that life changing incident was to “figure cancer out” so that I would never lose anyone to that again. No child should have to endure such a loss.

I also figured that if I can help people I know, perhaps I could turn it into something that will help people I don’t know. I believe we all have a right to a healthier and happier life.

Thus, after 20+ years of research the road lead to this blog, as a place to finally start writing down what I know and have discovered. And the road led to a supplement line that actually delivers high quality products that work – this was essential to my decision to form the supplement line. And I am very happy to work with Dr. Mikel and others to bring you not only high quality supplements, but proper support and information on using them.

No matter how dark life has seemed at times, my goal has always been to help others be better. In 2012 I authored a self-published essay/book on Human Trafficking which I made available for free (download it here: trafficking-book-final). I’ve worked with various non-profits over the years including my local Farmer’s Market, Churches and groups to help at-risk youth. I’ve also been active in the community in the fight for our food (and other) freedoms and try to use my camera to help spread awareness about certain social issues.


I believe firmly that we are as valuable as we can help others, but neither can we neglect ourselves in the process. Thus this blog and the supplement line is my full circle. You may communicate to me at any time.

Thank you for reading.